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Latest Campaigns

Older Drivers

Is a change in vision affecting your driving?

As you get older, changes in your vision and other health issues can affect your driving. There are lots things you can do to continue driving safely, like getting a free NHS eye examination. Learn more about what you can do to keep driving safely.

20mph campaign

If you hit someone at 30mph, they’re seven times more likely to die than at 20mph.

To keep everyone safe in cities, towns and villages across Scotland, new reduced 20mph speed limits will be put in place on all appropriate roads.

Drug Driving

It’s easy to catch drug drivers.

Police in Scotland now carry drug testing kits and are able to carry out immediate roadside testing for any driver they suspect of drug driving. Know the rules, keep our roads safe.

Wear a seatbelt

Not wearing a seatbelt can have big consequences.
These statistics show the difference it makes.


Wearing a seatbelt reduces both fatal and non-fatal injuries by 60% among front seat passengers


Wearing a seatbelt reduces both fatal and non-fatal injuries by 44% among rear seat passengers


Only 75% of drivers considered not wearing a seatbelt as ‘very serious’, well below the 93% who consider drink driving and drug driving to be ‘very serious’

Children and Educators

Our teaching resources equip children with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will help them stay safe now and in later life.

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