Development of Children's and Young People's Attitudes to Driving: A Critical Review of the Literature

Research shows that young drivers who have recently passed their test are at the greatest risk of accidents than any other group of driver on the road.


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Young drivers’ attitudes to driving

Young novice drivers, especially if they are male, are at greater risk of accidents than any other group. Research has addressed a range of factors that help explain this, in order to inform attempts to mitigate risk.

However, relatively little of this research has been concerned with the pre-driver period, and the influences that might extend from this into becoming a driver. The existing literature, therefore, presents a restricted basis for understanding the influences that might be operating over this whole period, and thus planning for interventions at the pre-driver stage.

This critical literature review is intended to generate a fresh approach, building on what is known from past research, but integrating it within a wider developmental perspective.

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